Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Steve & Jennifer * April 30, 2011

I consider it a privilege to go back to my home state of Nebraska to shoot weddings. Some have been through word or mouth or the friend of a friend or a friend from high school, but they have all been some of my favorite weddings. My top two reasons to travel and shoot? 1. Familiar territory & 2. A built in babysitter (my parents)! Steve & Jennifer's wedding took place in downtown Lincoln in a loft of the Apothecary building, which consisted of it's own kitchen, dining area and bridal suite- a sweet deal!
Congrats Steve & Jennifer!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wheeler Family.

 What a cute family! the kiddos were so energetic, which did make it a little tough to grab a smile from each at the same time, but that is what makes a family picture, right?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Aaron & Jana * April 16, 2011

Aaron & Jana's Ceremony was held at the historic Mennonite Church on Tabor Campus in Hillsboro. It was an absolute gorgeous day! We were so happy that the dangerous winds and storm clouds from the day before didn't linger, but the sun shone SO bright for their big day.
Congrats Aaron & Jana!

*this portrait brings tears to my eyes. It wasn't until later that day the bride told me as she was gazing out the window, her father's grave who had just died 4 months before, was perfectly in her view. How perfect.

Chad & Whitney * April 2, 2011